Brief History

Mr John C Gammon, a brilliant engineer from UK, was the founder of the Gammon Group of Companies in Bombay in 1919. He was pioneer of Reinforced Concrete Construction and the shell process, which subsequently used for construction of a large number of factories/ mills, Pre-Stressed Concrete Spans of upto 200 ft length, the concrete process was also based on Mr Gammons Patent which contributed in a large way to the success in laying of mass concrete foundations.

Mr John C Gammon

Chairman’s Message

The skill, talent, and commitment of the Gammon Pre-Cast Pakistan team has been a crucial factor in our success and growth. Our employees are our most important asset and we continuously invest in their professional growth, meaning work-related training is always ongoing.



Lt. Gen. Retd. Ali Kuli Khan Khattak

Chief Operating Officer

With the grace of Allah, effort and continuous hard work of our team, GAMMON PRE-CAST PAKISTAN been able to build and to achieve a quantum leap in the level of providing products and services of concrete conforming to the highest standards of quality and efficiency that match their counterparts provided by major international companies, thereby enhancing its avant-garde as a group, industrial and economic leader that enjoy with reliability and excellence.

Muhammad Shahbaz Anwer

Our Vision & Mission

To achieve its vision of offering economical, durable, quicker, higher quality control and safer precast solutions for the client’s construction projects in all sectors; through its divisions of sales, technical-QC, production, erection and administration. GAMMON PRE-CAST PAKISTAN adopts the latest technology in its operations with top facilities, machinery and equipment available in the market. GAMMON PRE-CAST PAKISTAN is focused in maintaining its position as one of the leaders of precast manufacturer in Pakistan, mainly ensuring the top importance of its valued customer’s satisfaction in all sectors served.




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